Thursday, 13 December 2012

Noob Blogger

What is Blog?
 "Blog" is short for weblog. The phenomenon began sometime in the late 1990s. Independent of each other, a number of Web users began posting daily or regular journal entries on websites. But when these users -- who would soon become known as "bloggers" -- found each other, a community was born.

Writing a blog is simple; you just have to want to do it. You might think that blogging isn't for you, but then again, you may discover that it's a great way to vent your thoughts.

The Noob
At last after dreaming of developing my own blog for the past few years, i finally started my first page with Signed up for this account for sometime, but never did any posting due to my daily life usualy routines.

There are a few topics of blog writing i have in mind:

  1. Travel --- single lone traveller, looking for adventure
  2. Running -- marathon series as i am preparing myself to complete my first marathon (42km)
  3. Gadget --- techy guy with fun toys
  4. Food -- yes, i like taking photo of foods and upload it to my instagram and facebook

Wish me luck!

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