Thursday, 3 January 2013

Online Shopping 101

I finally made a transaction on eBay today ---

As my first attempt on the online eBay shopping world, I ordered something 'fun' as an addition item to my running gear. Its a gadget which will make my running activities more 'exciting'. I will be revealing the item soon when unboxing.

Here are some 101 for sharing:

eBay works exactly like an electronic 'flea market'
  1. eBay sellers pay a small flat fee plus a 1.5% percentage fee to eBay in order to market their wares.
  2. eBay buyers visit and use the marketplace without any surcharges;
  3. Any parties that abuse the system or each other will be disciplined or ejected.
How to Stay Safe:
  1. Check the sellers feedback. If its above 98% the seller is probably good. If the feedback score is below 90% stay away from this seller.
  2. Look at how many feedback points the seller has. If they have less than 11 feedback points, you may want to hold off. If they have 10 to 100 feedback points they are probably trustworthy. If the seller has over 100 feedback points chances are very good they are legit and a very good seller.
  3. Don't pay too much attention to negative feedback the seller has, as long as they have an overall feedback score of over 98%. On average an ebay seller gets 8 negative feedbacks for every 1000 feedbacks received. Some people just aren't satisfied no matter how good the seller.
  4. See how long the seller has been registered, and from what country. Countries with a high fraud index are more likely to have fraudulent sellers. USA Sellers who have been registered for more than one year are more likely to be legit.
  5. If you are skeptical of a seller, try to find the same item from a seller with better feedback. If you feel you have waited too long on a paid order, contact ebay and paypal, as they have buyer protection programs for this.
  6. Pay a little extra for delivery confirmation when you order. Also buy insurance. These cost very little but are a great piece of mind when buying.
  7. To be extra safe you can search the sellers username along with the phrase "rip off" in google to see if anyone is out on the web complaining about the seller.

So what do you think about eBay?

Do share me your thoughts or experience if any. Im still a noob on this. Tips and advices are welcome.

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