Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Travel: Flying With Lion Air

Its kind of nice to try a different airline once in a while. As at today my favourite airline should be AirAsia especially when they are giving away free seats and great discounts in their marketing plan.

This time, I book myself a ticket to fly to Jakarta with Lion Air during this Chinese New Year holiday.

A brief intro about Lion Air. Its one of the Indonesian private airline company. Similar to AirAsia, where the air fare is much cheaper than the main Indonesian airline --- Garuda Airline. With a cheaper price, you can still enjoy a good service and comfort on your trip. No food though. However, you still can purchase meals during the flight.

My flight via Lion Air to Jakarta departed from KLIA, Sepang. All international flights from KLIA will go thru the satellite building. Different from most commercial airlines that I flew with, Lion Air doesn't have the mobile version check-in services. You will have to go thru the manual check-in process physically at the counter.

Its aircraft have more comfortable seats than AirAsia's aircraft. The air-conditioning is good too. Didn't expect Im gonna freeze thru the journey.

I definitely will fly again with Lion Air. 

*Writing this high in the air to kill the 2 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Jakarta, Indonesia*

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