Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Running: 2XU Compression Run Half Marathon 2013 (Singapore)

2XU Compression Run Half Marathon 2013
unleash the you you never knew

Registered myself for the 2XU Compression Run 2013 in Singapore.

As this will be my 2nd half-marathon (21KM), improving my running time, pace and the finisher-tee were my main goals.

Its 5 o'clock In The Morning

The event start line was at the F1 Pit Building, Singapore. I will be running together with my lil brother +Shafwan Wahab this time. Heading to the starting grid was a bit challenging from the hotel we stayed as most of the road heading there were closed.

We end up walking plus some light jog for 3km. Consider ok la tu as warm-up. Jogging at 5am in the morning at SIngapore was a nice. Cool breeze, beautiful scenery in the park and breath-taking views of Marina Bay Sands and of course the Singapore Lion monument.

Time: 5.15am --- Taken with my iPhone4 while we were jogging towards the starting point
The 21km runners were flagged off around 5.50am. I started running with my usual pace for the 1st km. Slight pace change due to majority of fast-runners at the track, but doesn't affect my running tactics.

Running was good until KM4 for the first loop. The instruction was not so clear as the signboard only mentioned "1st Loop" and "2nd Loop" for the route. Since this is the 1st time running in Singapore, I am not sure with the looping.

The marshal in charge was not doing a good job explaining which route to take. Ada ka buli dia tanya "You ran this way before?". She didn't even know how many KM is that loop. So to avoid wasting more time, I just follow the same color BIB runners.

At KM7, I had to do a pit-stop for a leak. Queuing up took 5mins since there was lack of toilets along the route. I noticed there was 1 "toi-toi" type toilet earlier at the 1st water-station. Not so many after that.

I managed to achieve the fastest 10KM --- 1hour, 09mins. I quit my gym membership for almost 8 months already. Gee... wish I was still a member at the gym.

Was tracking my running via Run Keeper and Nike+ Running apps. 
I started shifting from running to fast-walking to jogging at KM13 to KM15.

+Shafwan Wahab 30mins ahead, I continue my run to the finish line.

I finally completed my 2nd half-marathon at 3hours 9mins!
(timing ok lah without any trenin)

Received my 21KM medal, finisher tee, 2XU hand towel, a banana, and drink without a plastic or woven bag.

The important photo-pose dedicated to our fellow runners that couldn't attend this run with us cc: Teh Tarik Runners

2XU Compression Run 2013 -- Half Marathon Completed!

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