Monday, 27 May 2013

Running: Standard Chartered Fun Run 2013 (Putrajaya)

26 May 2013, Putrajaya --- Standard Chartered Fun Run 2013, a warm-up run, 4KM Fun Run, meeting ex-colleagues from Standard Chartered Bank and Scope International.

Pictures from iPhone4. So just ignore the bad quality.

No medal, but receive a running tee
Blue for 8KM, Green for 4KM
With my reporting Manager, Kak Fazu when I was still young and learning at SCB Malaysia
Old friend at SCB Malaysia, Bro Jaafar

My running pattern via NIKE Running Apps

Standard Chartered Fun Run 2013 COMPLETED!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Travel: CheQinn Hostel Bangkok (Thailand)

During my last trip to Bangkok city, I tried to stay in a new chic concept hostel. CheQinn Hostel Bangkok located near Nana, Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

Mixed 8 people dorm style priced at RM32 via Agoda booking. Walk-in price is RM35 per bed. Not sure if this was a promotion price though.

Check-in was fast since payment was already made earlier thru Agoda. I was given an access card for room entry. Got some minor issues with the access card given, but the staff was there to help.

Just remember to bring your own towel and padlock for your cabinet drawer. However, you can still rent a towel at THB150 with a deposit fee of THB50 and padlock purchase at THB50.

Room Access Card

Each bed have its own light and power socket. Decent bed but comfortable. The free wifi connection was good. Just have connection problems during rain.

Bunk Bed

The hotel staffs were friendly with some good and fair English. However communications is not a problem.

To get here, you can use the public transport in Bangkok to Sukhumvit Soi 4.  When you reach there, keep a look out at the signages at the road-side along Soi 4. A few hundreds meter walk from the main road.

Getting food and public transport from this hostel are easy. Many restaurants and tons of bars that open until late.

Nana is busy and full of life during night time but hostel is located at a quiet area. 

Below some pictures took with my iPad.

Reception Counter
Internet area

Self-service laundry machine

Toilet and Bath Area
Me with the friendly staffs
Summary: Good, cheap new hostel with friendly environment. I will stay here again.

Hostel Recommendation: ★★ (5/5)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Being A Good Knight

Chivalry used to connote the characteristics of knighthood. It meant being courteous to women and being gallant.

Women believe that they can live without men, it's hard for guys to realize that ladies do want to be treated like princesses. 

And I don't blame men for thinking that women want to be treated like strong, independent people, because they are. Men are faced with a double standard where they know women want to be swept off their feet, and want and expect men to make the first move, but at the same time, they preach that they are strong and can be single for the rest of their lives.

What men don't understand is that women want to be treated well, and want to be placed up on a pedestal. This treatment does not lessen their strength or independence, but it's up to women to show that they want this treatment.

So does being chivalrous worth it? 

Chivalry isn't about getting things in return. It's about being recognized to a degree for your actions and knowing that the person you are with will also treat you right.

Another note --- chivalry is a two-way street, in which you shouldn't be taken for a ride.