Friday, 14 June 2013

Running: Larian Kitar Semula 2013 (Kuala Lumpur)

Larian Kitar Semula is an annual event organised by PPSPPA. This year, the organisor decided to simplify their event by doing a 5KM Fun Run category only. To enter this run, participants are required to bring their recycleables as token of registration fee. 10 pieces of newspapers is one of the option given. Participants will get a t-shirt and BIB number for lucky draw entitlement after the race. Prizes like gadgets, bicycle, household item and a RM5K premium certificate as the grand prize.

Similar to last year, I was in-charged to handle registration for my company. PPSPPA is actually my company pay-master in the waste management industry. So we had to give sponsorships and special requests. I decided to produce our own company running tee this year to attract employees. Glad it was a good turn-out for my internal registration.

Blue: Company Running Tee; Maroon: PPSPPA Official T-Shirt

The run take place at Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur this morning. Unfortunately the running track was less than 5KM as I was monitoring my running pace with Nike Running apps - it was actually 4KM. Tons of slow runners, or to be exact 'walkers' since people considered this as a family running event.

Met a lot of friends there. Most from Alam Flora, PPSPPA and also few Official Members from Honda City Club (HCC) --- Patrick and family, Michael Liau, Annie and Doggy Bone. Achieved 2738 of Nike Fuel via Nike Fuel Band. Reaching "GOAL' early in the morning was normal.

My Nike Fuel GOAL

Running today was a warm-up run for the next marathon event in Malaysia. Will be running for Standard Chartered KL Marathon in a few weeks. 

Photos are from my iPhone4 and some from my colleague's DSLR.
Runners from LGB Group

Larian Kitar Semula 2013 Fun Run COMPLETED!

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