Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: Oakley Radar vs Radarlock

Keeping a look out for a new pair of Oakley sunglasses --- RADAR® PATH™.

Been reading reviews from other bloggers about this item. Hope there are good colour frames and lense combinations available at Malaysia distributors. Tried this before when I was in Jakarta at the official Oakley store in Grand Indonesia. Fitting was great, however didn't manage to purchase at that time.

Oakley Radar
Oakley RadarLock
The only difference between Radars and Radarlock is the way its swap its lenses.

Radarlock will have a locking switch on its temple. Unlocking in, you will be able to release the exisiting lense with the 2nd lense provided. While for Radar, you will need to twist the frame to release the lense. No 2nd lense though, you will need to purchase differently.

As for price, you will spend more on Radarlock since the package comes with 2 set of lenses.

Wish there is an official Oakley Store in Malaysia. At the official Oakley Store, you can pick and choose the frame type with your choice of lense at one go.

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