Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Travel: Hong Island Lagoon, Krabi (Thailand)

Hong Island stands out as one of the most beautiful islands on the Andaman coast. 

I recommend Barracudas Tour as your island trip agent. Island hopping in Krabi is not that expensive, average price around RM50 - RM100 for a 1-Day trip. You can get more info on the packages at the counter booth along Ao Nang Beach road. My favourite is to travel with the longtail boat. It's slow, but you can appreciate the journey and nature more.

They also have a website: http://www.barracudastourkrabi.com/index.php

Here is the tour schedule.

Hong Islands by Longtail Boat

08:00  Pick up from Krabi Town and Klong Muang
08:30  Pick up from Ao Nang
09:00  Depart from pier by longtail boat

• Daeng Island – sightseeing and snorkeling
Hong Island & Hong Island’s Lagoon
• Lading Island or Paradise – lunch (package), relaxing and swimming
• Pakbia Island – relaxing and swimming
• Rai Island – sightseeing

16:00  Return to Ao Nang

Island Recommendation: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Photos taken with my NIKON D5000 on manual setting. Check out the atmosphere on my Keek video.

Travel by Longtail Boat

White clean sandy beach

Swimmies badge unlocked!
Beautiful clear water
Thank you self-timer
See those fishes swimming
Love the view
You can rent for 1 hour kayak session around the lagoon


  1. Thank you nice article.
    your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
    I love here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.

  2. did your trip include the kayaking??? i say the price is oni 80baht... very cheap if it including the kayak

    1. I didn't try the kayak facility. Think kayaking is best if with a partner.

  3. I had enjoyed spending my Birthday on Hong Island inspired from your post. Though the place wa swarm by tourist by nevertheless enjoyed every moment of it!

    1. Glad you had the same experience. Guessing you were there during peak season?

  4. Yes, it was high peak season, will plan to go back off peak. to enjoy the beauty of Hong Island