Sunday, 8 September 2013

Concert: We Love Asia 2.0 - 6th & 7th September 2013 (Review)

We Love Asia 2.0 - You won't believe your eyes. Or ears.

"You won 4 tickets for We Love Asia 2.0, worth RM600. The event takes place next week 6th & 7th September @Sepang International Circuit with well-known stars such as Pitbull, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Inna, Mizz Nina, Joe Flizzow and over 50 more international & local artists."

Thank you for the complimentary tickets We Love Asia!


Day 1, Friday (6 September 2013)

It was a hectic day and the traffic was so bad from my office to the Sepang International Circuit. Reached there around 9pm just in time for my favourite performance acts.
Parking was not a problem since the venue provides ample parking spaces. Parking was RM15 per entry.

The artist performance line up for the main stage was great. Enjoyed the acts by DJ Antoine and Pitbul. However, the show was late 30mins from the actual schedule. Only able to check out the other stage from far.

Left early since I came there alone due to concert day and location. But met some friends there.

Day 2, Saturday (7 September 2013)

Reached there at about 7pm. Able to have tea and dinner around the area before entry. Went this time with my partner and re-group with the others inside.  Parking was RM20 per entry this time. Malaysia boleh.

Managed to check all stages before heading to the main stage to see performances by Stacy AF and Mizz Nina.

The main stage line-up were by Inna and Taboo (Black Eyed Peas). Great DJ mixes by Taboo.

Left at midnight to avoid traffic.


Entrance Security: Bags and body checks to avoid drugs. Cigarettes boxes was checked thoroughly.

F&B: Tons of F&B stalls inside the concert venue. Beverages were not restricted on religion. They used a token system for F&B payment.

Was We Love Asia 2.0 Concert Worth It?
Yes! 2.0 version was much better than the 1st one. Kudos to the organisor. 

P/S: Just take out the fun fair in future. Its just a waste of space.

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