Monday, 30 September 2013

Running: Run For A Reason at KL Marathon 2013 (Kuala Lumpur)

Run For A Reason at KL Marathon 2013

"About 33,000 runners took off from the starting lines in Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Parlimen throughout race day, solidifying the Standard Chartered KL Marathon’s position as the largest marathon event in Malaysia".

This was my 2nd year running in Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Registered for 10K Speed while my younger brother +Shafwan Wahab signed up for Full Marathon 42K. This year, my usual running friends Irhash and Sharizal (The Teh Tarik Runners) couldn't make it for this event. One person ndak sempat register, another one darah manis (since mau kahwin suda).

Check out their cool blog:

A lot of runners have been waiting for this event since it was postponed due to the haze issue in Kuala Lumpur earlier.

Running Day
Reached the venue at 5.30am by LRT via Masjid Jamek LRT station. 10K Speed category flag off time was at 6.30am near Jalan Parlimen, about 400 meters away from Dataran Merdeka. The baggage deposit booth was already open as early 3am. Received a luggage tag number stapled to my BIB number as I left my SCKLM bag there.

It was not so hard to find the starting line since there were volunteers with large signage. Mobile toilets were sufficient, located along the area.

Category signage at the starting line
Volunteers with free muscle spray before running
My 10K Run
Started my run with good pace at around 6'/km. It was challenging for the 1st KM due to running traffic. Large number of runners in 10K Speed this year. Should have started at the front group instead from the back.

Distance markers were seen at each kilometres. Medical team were available at running check points and also with motorbikes following the race packs. The 10K route was similar with last years. Think the first water station was a bit far though. Luckily I had my water bottles attached during this run.

Information markers at the running route
Distance markers at the running route

Crossed the finishing line with a big smile and my hometown flag at 01:14 minutes (nett time). Collected my finisher medal and goodie bag at the finishers exit. The goodie bag contained a finisher medal, 100 Plus and a banana.

Love this year's medal design!
Tracked my run with Nike+ Running app. Below route map for 10K category.

Achieved Stellar on my Nike+ Fuel Band.

Managed to do a tour at the start and finish area while waiting for my younger brother to complete his 42K run. Met some x-colleagues when I was still working in Standard Chartered Bank.

Baggage deposit  / collection area
Baggage deposit  / collection area

Great job to Standard Chartered Malaysia and organisor for a very well done event. This year, runners are able to view they running placing statistic via an application at will definitely join next year!

Event Recommendation: ★★★ (5/5)

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 Completed!


  1. Been a while since the running team got together bah

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