Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Running: 37th National Milo Marathon Manila Finals 2013 (Philippines)

I successfully completed a 10K run in the Philippines for the first time. Registered myself at the MILO Philippines website 2 months earlier. Credit card payment facility was available for participants payment convenience. However, I had to arranged for a separate session for my race pack collection.

Big thanks to Abbie and Buboy from RunRio for assisting me with my race pack the day before the race.

Race Details
Date: 8 December 2013 (Sunday)
Venue: SM Mall of Asia

Check out their official website for more info:

Runner's Entitlement

Reebok singlet are only limited to 42km, 21km and 10km participants.

Running Route

Running Day
Reached the event area 40 minutes earlier. Found my way to the baggage deposit area before heading towards the starting line. It was a bit hard for me to navigate myself in the event venue at first, but race officials and local participants were there to give directions. 

The 10KM category runners were flagged off at 5am sharp. I was impressed with the safety and route briefing that were shown on screen at the starting line few minutes before gun time. The running route was a basic flat elevation on road, suitable for all age of runners along the Manila coast. Water station was available at every 2KM with tons of Gatorade energy drink and basic water. Noticed some medical officers at most checkpoints and turns. Distance markers and turn instruction were clear and easy to understand too.

Below some photos and videos to share. Photos took with my iPhone5.

Finished my 10KM run at 1:16:00 using Nike Running app on my iPhone5. Certificate was given at the finishing line. Water redemption was available at each category counter. For 10KM, it was a bottle of Gatorade and mineral water.

Event Area

Able to meet Edward at the event too. Corregidor International Marathon is set on 11 January 2014. Thanks Edward Kho (Corregidor International Marathon organisor) for keeping my CIM race pack. Love the running t-shirt and bag. Awesome design!

I was very happy for being able to join the 37th National Milo Marathon Manila Finals 2013. The event was well managed and met runners standards and expectations. Love the water stations with blue and orange colored Gatorade along the running route. Separate counter for water redemption, photo backdrop and baggage deposit were good. Great performances during the cheer-leading competition. 

Think the event could have more official photographers to cover the event. How I wish you provide official finishing line photos to runners. I am still searching for photos of me running with my flag towards the finishing line. 

Love the finisher medal design. But too bad it was only entitled for half and full marathon finishers. Will sign up for half-marathon next year. 

Would be great if you can have exhibition booths like official merchandises, discounted product items by partners, breakfast area, etc at the event venue next round. 

Summary: Excellent job to RunRio and MILO Philippines with partners for organising such a great event!

Event Recommendation: ★★★★★ (5/5)

The 37th National Milo Marathon Manila Finals 2013 Completed!

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