Monday, 31 March 2014

Unboxing: Oakley Crosslink Ear Sock (Replica)

Oakley Crosslink Ear Sock Replacement

After reading comments from Oakley Crosslink users in Malaysia, I noticed that to purchase the ear sock replacement for Oakley Crosslink is an issue. In Kuala Lumpur, you may need to walk and place your order at most Oakley authorised dealer shops and wait for few days or weeks depending on the stock availability which is very troublesome.

I decided to get a replica version of the earsock instead after few months of searching.

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User have high-interest to get their hands on these ear sock. Some of them may need it to replace the current original ear sock due to tear after a few months. And some for more colour variation.

Oakley Crosslink Ear Sock Replica
The quality of the rubber ear socks is very similar with the original unit. Even the Oakley and Crosslink deboss and emboss print are the same. On my last trip to Oakley stores in Bangkok, Thailand, I had the opportunity to check the pricing of the original unit as at THB380.

Installing the Ear Sock
Since I am too excited to replace my old ear sock on my Crosslink, I did have problem sliding the new ear sock after a deep clean on the original temple. I can use some 'lube' for an easier slide-on, but I would prefer to go 'dry' with a sense of not ruining my new ear socks. You will notice that the original ear socks will have such 'lube' when it starts to tear.

Removing the old ear socks were easy as mine was already out of shape and easy to tear.

After a challenging 1 hour of gripping and sliding, I got 1 set of the new ear socks onto my Crosslink. Just carefully not to accidentally break your glasses temples when installing. 

I got my hands on the ear socks at MTB Gadget online store which is based in Penang, Malaysia at a reasonable price. Note that the item is a 'replica' version. Quality is to be determine by user usage and its rubber sock life-span.

You can visit their website at for product and order details.

Pure 100% patience is required for installation. Good Luck!

Seller and Item Recommendation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  1. Bro, can i know where you bought that era replacement?

  2. If you in KL, heard from a friend that the ear socks are also available at a glasses shop in KL Festival Mall, Setapak. But with very limited colours though.

    1. ermmm mine is grey smoke, seems like difficult to get it huhuhuhu...


  3. Nice online shopping blog thank you for sharing this important info about online shopping

  4. I got stock for crosslink earsocks n nose pad. Can text me at 0193411660

    1. Bro, you still got stock? how much for a pair?

  5. how is the replica socks holding up?