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Running: I Am 31 & Fueled With Positive Energy at #MBD Run 2014 (Putrajaya)

Celebrating my 31st Birth Day Run on 20 April 2014

It's my 31st birthday and gave myself a present by completing a 7km morning run at Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 held in Putrajaya. Mentioned about this run in my earlier post:

The turn up was amazing as more than 20,000 people have come to celebrate the Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014.

Running Day
Left the house at 0640 hours as the flag off time for runners was changed to 7.30 am instead of 7.00 am. Had to park a few hundreds metres away from the event venue due to 'not-so-for-20K-people' parking space. Head towards the starting line for a quick warm-up.

As this is a family run event, I have no target for a Personal Best (PB). Took my sweet time to complete the 7 km route. During the entire run, I could see participants were having a fun time running with friends and family. Also to be seen were LYN Runners and RFF runners.

Medical team was available at most of the checkpoints and turns. Even though this is 7 km distance run, there were 3 water stations along the running route. These water stations provides mineral water for runners dehydration. Mobile toilet was well positioned after the water station area too.

Bumped with my x-colleague, Lai Sook Yee at the third water station. It's been 6 years since I saw her while we were based in Media Prima.

Photo courtesy of RFF Team
Image courtesy of  Maszuari Muhamad
Completed my 7 km 'birthday run' at 51 minutes. Not my PB but think I could do better with proper training. I hit my Nike Fuel band goal at 2408 fuel and unlocked the Extra Frosting badge on Nike+. 

Nike Fuel Band

Route tracking with Nike+ Running
The medal, a bottle of mineral water and a banana were given after the crossing line followed with goodie bag at the next booth queue. Inside the goodie bag, you will find 3 pieces of 3+1 instant Milo, 3 x RM1 breakfast vouchers and a clear Milo paper folder. 

Event Area
Since this is a Milo event, getting a cup of iced cold free Milo is a must. However, I had to stand line-up for more than 20 minutes. 

With the energy to go further after drinking the iced cold Milo, I continue to scout the breakfast booths with the 3 x RM1 vouchers given earlier. Breakfast choice was great. There were nasi lemak, nasi goreng, bread-toast, otak-otak and many more. Too bad the portion was very small with a RM3 voucher.

Had the opportunity to chat with some familiar faces in the running scene at the event area. Met the medical running girls 'Farrah and Yen Yen' there too. 

With a minimal fee of RM20 - RM30 for registration, this event was a well-organised running event. The running tee material could be improved to a light-version one with better design. Finisher medal was nice. The organisor may want to improved the design though. Same design but with different years only? Participants will be looking for improvements as this is a yearly event. 

The breakfast booths and exhibition booths were great. Looking forward for more Milo drinks trucks / booths in your future events. 

Summary: Great job to Milo Malaysia and organisor! I will definitely join again next year. Special thanks to RFF Team, Best of RunningMaszuari Muhamad and all freelance photographers who took photos of runners in the event.

Event Recommendation: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 / Birth Day Run Completed!

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