Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Running: A Dash of Colour 2014 (Putrajaya)

Running Day
Driving to the venue took about 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. I was running with Farrah as my running partner in this fun run. Had to parked at the roadside near to the Taman Wetland main entrance due to first-come-first-serve parking basis in the area. Parking within the park area is limited up to few hundreds only, as mentioned earlier by the organisor thru their Facebook page.

The gathering venue and atmosphere was beautiful with the morning scenic as the sun was just about to rise. Meet up with my colleagues Kirubaleni and Hadi at one of the gazebos in the area. Had to take the pre-group photo of us first before getting our white running tee full of colours.

Beautiful Morning
Event Area
Group photo with Hadi and Kirubaleni
Participants were given a pack of colour powder to be used during the flag off. However, participants were too excited and already started powdering their friends and families with colours.

Colouring the run
The fun run was flagged with colour powders flying all over the place released into the air by the participants. We were running (actually jogging since it was a fun run) on road until the 2KM mark on trail. At each KM, there was a colour checkpoint with one colour powder for runners to get coloured with. The first water station was available at KM2+ with mineral water. Saw some medical volunteers at checkpoints.

Water Station

Medical Volunteers
Colour Checkpoints
Crossed the finishing line with Farrah together at 8KM. No complaint on the distance since 8 is much better than 7. Saw a few photographers taking photos of participants. Special thanks to Lim Chiau Wu for the great photos! 

Photo courtesy of Lim Chiau Wu
Sharing the running map tracked on my Nike Running apps below.

Collected the goodie bag at the finishing line and waited at the nearest gazebo there for Kirubaleni and Hadi. Inside the goodie bag, there were banana, Gardenia 50 cent bread, mineral water and an Allianz Pacer wrist band as event souvenir.

Exhibition Area
The exhibition area was kept simple as there was only a booth for photo redemption. Mobile toilets were sufficient placed at the area.

Event Area
100m to Finishing Line
Goodie Bag Volunteers
Photo Redemption Booth
Group selfie after the fun run

Cheap registration at RM12 with decent design white running tee. Excellent route and venue. The MC and volunteers were full of energy on that day.

Few suggestion for improvements. Race pack collection could be made at a public venue for participant convenience. Email reminders to successful registered participants nearing to the collection date. Some of my friends missed the race pack collection. Also, how about including finisher medal for next year? 

Summary: A very well organised fun run. Paid RM12 but worth more for the experience. I will register again next year. Good job!

Event Recommendation: ★★★★★

Allianz Pacer: A Dash of Colour 2014 Completed!

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