Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Running: 2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2014 (Kuala Lumpur)

Signed up for 2XU Compression Run Malaysia 2014 at a loyalty price with earlier participation at the Singapore version on March 2014. This year, the 2XU and Pink Apple decided to introduced the 21KM category for Malaysia. Similar registration mechanics and race pack with the original version.

Read my review of 2XU Compression Run 2014 (Singapore)

I was running in the 5KM category for this round. Hadi was also running for 5KM as his second official race. My usual running ladies, Farah and Yen were running in the 10K category.

Running Day
The 5K category was flagged at 7am. Weather condition was cloudy due to rainy season. Parking was a lil difficult for participants due to running route roadblocks for the earlier categories - 10K and 21K. Got a number sticker where I could paste on my BIB number during depositing my baggage at the counter.

This was my first time running at Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur, which was previously known as Lake Garden. The first KM was a bit tough due to its hilly elevation. Was trying my best to catch up with the running leaders in front after flag off.

For 5K category, there was only 1 water station located at KM4 with mineral water and isotonic drink. 

I successfully crossed the finishing line in 30 minutes (gun time). Volunteers were giving out Revive isotonic drinks, banana and the finisher medal.

Finisher Medal
Running buddies
Running buddies

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Running: 20.5KM l 15 Obstacles (Putrajaya) #RunEverything #ROC2014

Took part at ReebokΔONE Challenge 2014 for the second year. Was so excited about this race as per last year's experience. Registered as an early bird on Day 1 right after registration open.

Race Pack
Received my race pack as I opted for postal delivery at Hooha. Love the vest colour for this year's event.

Running Day
Heavy downpour did not stop a total of 3000 participants to complete the 20.5KM challenge. The Male category was flagged at 6.30am followed by Women 15 minutes later.

Rain kind off stopped 10 - 15 minutes during running. Water stations were available at every 3.5KM - 4KM mark. Distance markers were seen at every KM.

This year, no obstacle list was shared to participants. The first obstacle started at KM6. Bit different from last year which began at KM9.

Had to stopped for a selfie for this morning lake moment
Continued with the run for the second obstacle which was the Tires / Speed Shift. The obstacles selected were interesting since participants had to get dirty and muddy to complete the entire course. I guess the heavy and light rain conditions made the challenges more interesting.

Sharing with you some images from my iPhone5.

Tires / Speed Shift
Monkey Bar

Monday, 8 September 2014

Travel: Trekking Railay (East) Krabi - Look Out Point (Thailand)

About Ao Nang, Krabi
Due to its central location in the Andaman Sea and to its fabulous topography and sporting opportunities, Ao Nang is with no-doubt Thailand’s best all-round beach destination. Trekking is one of the popular activity for solo traveler or even in group.

How To Get There
From Ao Nang beach, you can use the longtail taxi boat at 100 bath (1 way). I recommend you to purchase the 2-way ticket to avoid hassle when returning back to your hotel. The counter booth is located at the corner of Ao Nang beach side.

Ticket counter in red
Waiting area
Please note that the longtail boat will only depart from the pier once reached maximum passengers (8 - 10 pax). Also, do expect to get wet as you will need to get on the boat by foot from the water.

Longtail boat taxi
The boat ride will take at about 10 minutes, depends on the weather condition. These boat will dock at Railay (West).

Trekking To Look Out Point (East)

Railay East beach is popular with its rock climbing area with the One, Two, Three wall for beginner and advance level.

Read more about rock climbing here:

Keep a look out for these landmarks. Heading towards Phranang beach, you will find a 'gazebo' right in front of the climb start point. You may find island monkeys along the way there too. Trekking will take at about 40 minutes based on your fitness and climb experience. 

Head towards Phranang Beach
First trekking climb
Direction sign at end of trekking climb

Monday, 1 September 2014

Lifestyle: FitMalaysia 2014 (Kuala Lumpur)

Date: 7 September 2014
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL

FIT Malaysia, a movement by the Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia to celebrate the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Registration Fee
FitMalaysia activities free! Sign up so it's easier to get processed, or show up on the day and register for the events.

Registration Link: