Sunday, 21 September 2014

Running: 20.5KM l 15 Obstacles (Putrajaya) #RunEverything #ROC2014

Took part at ReebokΔONE Challenge 2014 for the second year. Was so excited about this race as per last year's experience. Registered as an early bird on Day 1 right after registration open.

Race Pack
Received my race pack as I opted for postal delivery at Hooha. Love the vest colour for this year's event.

Running Day
Heavy downpour did not stop a total of 3000 participants to complete the 20.5KM challenge. The Male category was flagged at 6.30am followed by Women 15 minutes later.

Rain kind off stopped 10 - 15 minutes during running. Water stations were available at every 3.5KM - 4KM mark. Distance markers were seen at every KM.

This year, no obstacle list was shared to participants. The first obstacle started at KM6. Bit different from last year which began at KM9.

Had to stopped for a selfie for this morning lake moment
Continued with the run for the second obstacle which was the Tires / Speed Shift. The obstacles selected were interesting since participants had to get dirty and muddy to complete the entire course. I guess the heavy and light rain conditions made the challenges more interesting.

Sharing with you some images from my iPhone5.

Tires / Speed Shift
Monkey Bar
Ant Hill Challenge
The Wall Obstacle

Sandbag Challenge
This obstacle was new - so must selfie
Ice RORO (Roll-On-Roll Off Bin) Challenge
Completed the challenge at 2:51 hours (unofficial) with my Nike Running app. Collected the finisher medal upon crossing the finishing line from the volunteers. Finisher tee self-collection was few metres away from there. 

Nice medal design
Volunteers working under heavy rain
Volunteers working under heavy rain
Exhibition Area
Due to heavy rain, I didn't have the chance to explore nor take much photo of the expo area. However, the WOWBooth was interesting though. Participants were lining up in the rain for instant-photograph. Heard that the breakfast menu selection was delicious from one of my runner buddies. There was shower facility prepared for participants to wash the dirt off too.

Event Area
Shower Facility
Love the medal, vest and finisher tee design. I am happy that Reebok Malaysia took the initiative to introduced 'XS' size selection for participants this year. Kudos to all official and freelance photographers. had my photo taken by one of the hard-working photographer / runner, Leong Kwan Weng.

Photo courtesy of Leong Kwan Weng
Summary: Excellent race event by Reebok Malaysia, organisor and partners! Hope to see more improvement next year.

Event Recommendation: ★★★★★ (5/5)

ReebokΔONE Challenge 2014 20.5KM Completed!

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