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Running: I Ran For A Hero at Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 (Philippines) #CSM2015

Photo Courtesy of Photo-Ops

Registered for my second official race in the Philippines last year October 2014 to run at Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 held on 1 February 2015 at Alabang Skyway, Filinvest, Philippines.

I was motivated to signed-up as the race event was organised by one of the best marathon organisor in Philippines, Run Rio Inc, the same organisor from my last Philippines race which was Milo Marathon 2013. Opted for the HM category as there was a finisher tee and medal upon completion.

Counting days to race day, got to know few other running friends who had signed up for the same race like Mohd Azmi GME (KL) and Deffna (Sabah).

Have to give Nike We Run KL 2015 a pass this year since it was scheduled to happen on the same day at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

About Run For A Hero
We are proud to support and partner with the Help Educate and Rear Orphans (HERO) Foundation to give you the Condura Skyway Marathon: Run for a HERO 2015.

Day in and day out, our soldiers heroically put their lives on the line to keep us secure, at times, risking their own family’s future. When they are Killed in Action (KIA) or become incapacitated in the line of duty, their families suffer the loss of both a loved one and family bread-winner.

Since 1988, HERO Foundation has been sending the children of our fallen soldiers to school. Now, it’s our turn to help.

Running Entitlement

Running Tee

Finisher Medals

Race Pack Collection
Flew with AirAsia few days earlier from Kuala Lumpur to backpack and explore few fascinating districts in the Philippines towards RPEC day.

The RPEC was held at the official event hotel, Crimson Hotel, Alabang very close to the event venue. Had the opportunity to meet a friendly new-found-running-friend, Michael Chin from Brunei which will be running in the FM category there. Our race pack was given in a brown envelop consisted of BIB, timing chip and an Asics running tee.

Race Kit
Race pack collection
Race pack collection
We went for chat over coffee and carbo-loading afterwards. Bumped into Mohd Azmi GME and other Malaysian runners like As Bha Zammi, Mustaffa, Romzi, Baizi and few more others at a Nike Store in the shopping mall nearby.

Photo Courtesy of Mohd Azmi GME
Race Day
Flag off time was a little early from the usual race event I signed up before. The FM category was at 12 midnight while the HM at 3.30am. Hoop-on a jeepney an hour before my category flag off time at only 10 pesos (MYR 80 cent) for a 6km ride. Jeepney was one of the cheapest and convinient way to travel in the city. You just need to know where to exit and the name of your destination to tell the driver.

I was in luck to bump into the Sabah runners at the event area. Met Defna and the team while I was on my way to the baggage deposit tent.

With my hometown new-found-friends 
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Cletus

At 3.30am, the HM category was flagged off by waves (according to your estimated finishing time during registration). I was in wave (E) together with Jeffrey (Sabah) and few others.

Running Friend (Jeffrey)
Start Area
Weather was very windy and chilly during the race. The race route was flat with minimal climb as it was along the Metro Manila Skyway. Water stations with plenty of Gatorade and water supply were well managed by the friendly event volunteers. Tons of photographers were seen along the race route too. Mobile toilets (about 3-4 units) at every water station were seen. There were also banana and wet sponge supplies at the HM route.

Water Station
Water Station
Medical Volunteers
It was unfortunate that I did not really plan for a personal best (PB) at this race since wanted enjoy the sunrise scene during my run. Crossed the finishing line at 2:43 hours (Nett Time) for my 21KM. Managed to get a nice finishing photo with good daylight.

Photo Courtesy of Photo-Ops
Finisher medal, finisher tee and other post-race entitlements like a bottle of Gatorade and a banana were given at the designated redemption tents. Redemption was quick and organised.

Finisher Medal (21KM)
21K Finisher Redemption Tent
Regrouped with the Sabah runners at the gathering area after my baggage collection for photo-op with our Sabah and Malaysia flag. Didn't managed to catch Sir Edward Koh (Corregidor Marathon) and the other Malaysian runners (from KL) at the event area though. Had to rely on wifi for communication to avoid extra roaming charges.
Photo Courtesy of Condura Skyway Marathon
Photo Courtesy of Christine Joseph
Exhibition Area

Exhibition Area
Exhibition Area
Exhibition Area
An excellent and very well-managed marathon event!

Love the medal design. A large, heavy, very nicely designed finisher medal with lanyard. Check out the FM finisher medal. It is bigger, large as an iPhone 6 Plus. The finisher tee design and quality was nice too. Good to have a large printed finishing distance printed at the back.

Huge 42KM Finisher Medal
Oh ya, I was actually mistakenly-given a FM finisher tee earlier. Had no problem exchanging it to my correct HM distance finisher tee at the same redemption tent. 

21KM Finisher Tee
Some decent photowalls were available in the event area. However, the photo walls could be bigger and design better. Special thanks to the official race event photographers for the nice photos. Not to forget all non-official photographers like Photo-Ops, Running Photographers, Takbo.ph and others for sharing runners pictures on Facebook.

This was one of my most enjoyable marathon events.

Summary: Good job to Runrio Inc. An excellent race event by organisor, sponsors and partners. I will be back next year and would recommend this marathon event to all runners.

Event Recommendation: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 Completed!

Depart from Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia the next day, same flight with other Malaysian runners.

Check-In - Photo Courtesy of Mohd Azmi GME
Safely Home - Photo Courtesy of Mohd Azmi GME

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