Thursday, 21 January 2016

Travel: Teduh Hostel Kota Tua Jakarta (Indonesia)

Are you an adventures traveler with backpacking taste heading to Jakarta, Indonesia?

Sharing with you my experience staying at one of the most popular backpacker hostel in Jakarta city.

Teduh Hostel, opened in 2014 in the heart of colonial Jakarta, is Jakarta’s first boutique hostel experience tailored specifically for international and domestic backpacker travelers. “Teduh”, which means “sanctuary” in English, symbolises our desire to offer our guests a home in the midst of the Jakarta’s hectic lifestyle.

Made my booking via thru comparison at on December 2015 during my Jakarta - Yogyakarta roadtrip gateway. Choosen for a dormitory bed at IDR 135K per night.

Received a confirmation email from the property for direction and location map. Below some note on how you can get to the property.

"If you would like to opt for a more economical option, you may take the DAMRI airport shuttle to Mangga Dua Square and then take the light blue mini bus (Angkot) to Pinangsia Raya. You may also want to ask the shuttle bus driver if he could drop you off at the Jakarta Kota Train Station. We are 5 minutes walk from there and it would save you a trip on the "angkot". Please follow the direction on the map found on the link above. 

If you opt to take the taxi to our hostel, the fare from the airport would be between Rp. 120,000 - Rp. 200,000 depending on traffic. This would definitely be the most convenient way to get to the hostel. Kindly inform the driver to enter through JL. Pinangsia Raya as they may not already know our exact location. Please take blue bird or express taxi and try not to fall for "touters"."

Interior (Reception Area)
Reached the property by Go-Jek from Gambir bus station at about 12.30PM midnight. Note that one of the entrance gate along the main road is closed during this time of the hour. You may need to use the opposite road entrance gate instead. The property accepted payment by cash and credit card too. A deposit of IDR100K was required upon check-in. I was given an access card and USB light for bed light by the friendly hostel staff.

The dormitory bed was capsule style with its own power point and USB sockets. Note that the capsule beds on the higher ground is somewhat difficult to reach without bothering your below bed neighbours.

Bed (Photo from Official Website)
Bed (Photo from Official Website)
Bed (Photo from Official Website)
Towels are not included here but you rental is available at a very minimum amount. The water heather for shower works very well with clean toilet area. Wifi is available throughout the property.

Interior (Pantry Section)
Interior (Pantry Section)
Breakfast was basic with bread, coffee and tea. There was some cereal but milk was upon purchase. From my observation, the hostel staffs were well-trained to accommodate customer enquiries.

Storage Room (Ground Floor)
The property is very near located to the famous Kota Tua building about 500 metres away. However, getting into the central city of Jakarta (Grand Indonesia, MONAS) may be a little hassle due to heavy traffic if by local taxi. Travel time could get up to 40 minutes to 1 hour during rush hour for a 7KM distance.

Best to get familiar with the city traffic scene for a better traveling itinerary or get a Go-Jek to avoid unnecessary travel time waste during your holiday in Jakarta city.

Summary: An excellent, friendly value for money backpacker hostel in Jakarta city. I will definitely return due to its owner (Steven), staff hospitality and hostel features.

Hostel Recommendation: ★★★★★ (5/5)


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